Pampered Chef Party Nov 20

There will be a Pampered Chef party sponsored by the Animal Resource Center on November 20 at 6:30pm at the Bloomsburg YMCA. High quality cooking accessories. Refreshments will be served. Come support our no-kill shelter and take care of buying Christmas presents at the same time!
For more info, call Tammy Meeker at 759-2239.

November Is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month


November Is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month

Animal Resource Center and are celebrating November as Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month.

“Think of a pet that is already trained and doesn’t chew or scratch everything in sight--a pet who will love you unconditionally,” said Kim Saunders,’s Director of Public Relations. “That’s what you get when you adopt a senior pet.”

Some people worry that a senior pet comes with problems, but according to Hazel Blumberg-McKee of Tallahassee, FL, there are no disadvantages. “In most cases they’ve had a home and they want one again.” She adopted eight-and-a-half-year old Sadie, and has never regretted it. “An older animal is easier to deal with. And Sadie is still playful. She plays fetch and gallops all over the place.”

At animal shelters and rescue groups everywhere, there are loving, healthy senior pets like Sadie, looking for that one special home to cherish them for the rest of their life, and they don’t ask for much: just a warm place to sleep, good meals and plenty of love.

During Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month, take the opportunity to get acquainted with the older pets available at the Animal Resource Center.

Visit the shelter online at or at, shelter number PA469