Chester is FOUND!!

By LIZ RAFTERY, Press Enterprise Writer

NORTH CENTRE TWP. — After nearly three weeks of surviving on his own, Chester the missing German shepherd was captured in a humane trap set by Animal Resource Center employees on Friday morning.

Finding 5-year-old Chester was like a belated Christmas present, said ARC's Cyndi Lindenmuth. "We were just jumping up and down and in tears," she said. The dog had actually gained a few pounds while he was on the run.

Lost and found

On Wednesday, ARC officials moved their trap to Dan McCracken's property along Cryder's Lane here. Several people had reported seeing Chester in that area. About 7:30 a.m. yesterday, McCracken called ARC volunteer Mary Farver to tell her that Chester was in the trap. "We just didn't believe it," she said. "We thought it was a joke." The dog had jumped out of Farver's SUV on Dec. 10 while she was bringing him to her house because the kennel manager was on vacation. This time, she loaded the entire trap into her SUV. "Nobody was taking any chances with him," Lindenmuth said.

Although Chester was barking in the large cage when they initially saw him, Farver said, he quickly calmed down and fell asleep once he was placed in the SUV. After a veterinary exam, Chester was taken to Farver's home, where he'll continue to undergo training to overcome his shyness and become accustomed to humans. Farver said several people have inquired about adopting him, but it will be at least a few weeks before he's ready to be placed in a permanent home.

Deer feast?

Chester is in good shape, even after snagging his foot in a hunter's trap earlier this week, Farver said. "He actually gained four pounds somehow," she said. "The vet said he should run away more often." Farver said she believes he's been feasting on deer carcasses left in the woods by hunters.

Since he ran off on Dec. 10, ARC has received numerous tips from residents on Chester's whereabouts. Officials said the tipsters can take full credit for his safe return. "We could never have done this without the public calling us and telling us where he was," Lindenmuth said. "We could never have tracked him. We can't thank them enough."

Liz Raftery can be reached at 387-1234 ext. 1323 or

Have you seen this dog?

Have you seen this dog?

CHESTER: German Shepherd, 5+ years old

Black back & head; Brown legs

Right front leg crippled

Lost in the Espy area mid-December; Last seen lower end of Berwick (12/20) (MAP)

He's dragging his purple leash behind him, still attached to his collar.

Chester is VERY timid/shy. He responds only to very calm voices, and MAY come for a treat.

If you have seen this dog,
PLEASE call 784-8035 or 356-2387
or email
Please include the date, time & exact place you saw him.

Thank you so much!

Who We Are

The Animal Resource Center (ARC) of Bloomsburg PA is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide temporary shelter for homeless, abused, and neglected domestic animals; educate the public on the welfare and care of cats and dogs; and act as advocates for animal rights. We are also dedicated to promoting the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs; thereby, reducing the number of animals who are homeless, unwanted or destroyed. Our goal is no-kill.

Communicating with us

Telephone is best: 570-784-3669.
Please leave a message with your name, phone number, and specific reason for calling.

Postal mail:
301-A Boone Rd, Bloomsburg PA 17815

Please do not expect an immediate response. Email is read by one volunteer in their spare time who then forwards it to the appropriate volunteer who will then respond in their spare time. This may take several days, so please be patient!

Get Involved
We are always looking for caring, loving people. Your time itself is a valuable contribution. We need volunteers from all walks of life.

Basket Bingo winners

Basket Bingo winners

Everyone had a good time at the basket bingo and Chinese auction held Sept. 17 at the Bloomsburg Fire Co. All the proceeds go to the no-kill shelter, which runs solely on donations. The event featured lunch, refreshments and a bake sale.

Basket Raffle

Doogie: Chained, starved, and left for dead.

This is why we are here:

From: Tammy Grimes
Sent: Monday, September 11, 2006 8:59 PM
Subject: Grimes Jailed for Rescuing Dying Chained Dog 
OK, everyone, if you're getting this e-mail it means the police followed through on their threat to put me in jail for taking Doogie today.
Here is the background info:
    We got a call from Kim in East Freedom this morning, crying because Doogie hadn't gotten up since Saturday. She had been calling the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society since Saturday to no avail. We told her we aren't law officers, and she needed to call the humane officer. Then we got another call about the same dog, from another person who passes him every day. At that point we called Kim back to see if she'd heard from the Humane Officer. She had not, so we promised her we'd go out and see what we could do.
    When we got there, we took photos and video of Doogie. We initially thought he was dead, as he was not moving and his back was to us. We found out that the people were not home to talk to about him, so I made the decision that he could not lay there on the cold wet ground for one moment longer, and I would accept all consequences of my decision. The neighbor Kim has agreed to testify on my behalf if necessary. She cried the whole time we were there, you can hear her on the video.
    I think once you see the video and pictures, you'll understand why I made this decision. The vet documented his general negligent condition, low weight, sores, missing fur, and took xrays of his back and hips. He determined that he has very bad back spurs that are causing him a lot of pain and are most likely responsible for his inability to walk. He also saw an undetermined mass near his hip on the xray. He gave him a shot for pain plus some B vitamins for energy, so that perhaps he could have even one good day or a few good hours. He wrote a letter stating his condition in case we needed it.
    Shortly after we got Doogie to my home, situated, bathed (had to, the stench was too bad), and fed and watered an Officer Flag called from the Freedom Township Police Department (I know, Freedom, isn't that ironic?). He wanted me to return Doogie, which I refused to do.
Here's what I need from you all. View the videos and photos, below. I think you'll agree with me that this is NOT acceptable in ANY kind of humane society, and we cannot allow this kind of animal abuse. We MUST stand up and STOP accepting this to be ok for people to do to their dogs, and STOP jailing those who are trying to help them.
    I could never look myself in the eye again, much less sleep tonight, had I left Doogie there dying, shivering in the dirt. I will spend the rest of my life in jail as opposed to handing him over to be abused further by these people. Please, contact ALL media with these photos and videos. Get justice, for Doogie and for me. Do NOT allow this treatment of those who are here to help, and who actually care. Call the Pennsylvania Humane Society and tell them you expect them to stand with me against this kind of abuse.

Doogie laying on the ground in his owner's yard; neighbor crying in background.

Doogie  at Grimes house after being rescued and after a vet visit.

Aug 26-27 Adopt-A-Thon

The Aug 26-27 Adopt-A-Thon was a success!

Miles' new family
MILES has some kids to play with now!
Damien's new family
got a new family!
Socks (1).JPG
SOCKS got a new family!
Sunny's new family
SUNNY got a new family!
Stuart_Jake .JPG
Stuart and JAKE enjoyed the sun on Saturday, but Jake still needs a family to love him forever.
Sully and his new owner
SULLY got his new family on Aug 19.


If you are unable to give a pet a new home,
but would like to help support us in caring for the animals,
please visit our donation page.

The cat came back in Berwick

The cat came back in Berwick

Feline endures injury and earns several names after its escape

CORRINE MATASH holds her cat, Liza, recently at her home outside Berwick.

Press Enterprise/M.J. McDonald
CORRINE MATASH holds her cat, Liza, recently at her home outside Berwick.

Press Enterprise Writer

BERWICK — Corrine Matash's cat weathered enough adventures in seven weeks to last all her nine lives. Starting as a stray, the cat found a home, went missing, got hurt, lived on the street, landed another home and then — thanks to a veterinary worker's sharp memory — ended up safe and cozy with Matash again.

Along the way, the cat had three names. But she started out as Liza.

Matash's daughter had found the stray cat last year, and Matash took her in. In late December, when Liza was about 8 months old, Matash took her to be spayed at the Berwick Veterinary Care Center on Bowers Road.

"The day that it was done they said that she was doing fine," said Matash. "The next morning I got a phone call that the cat was gone."

On Dec. 28, a report of a gas leak at the veterinary center brought firefighters, who took the animals out of the building. But Liza bolted away during the evacuation.

For the next two weeks, Matash and family looked for her, put an ad in the newspaper and posted flyers. They had no luck. The winter weather was bad, and no one had seen Liza. The search ended.

Liza's next life

More than a month had gone by when Michelle Waltman and her daughter, Emma Colone, 2, began to notice a cat outside their home on East Sixth Street, 10 blocks from the vet's office.

"I kept seeing this kitten limping around. It was scared of us," said Waltman. "After I'd seen it for two or three days, I decided to feed it. It was scared of us, but it ate."

Waltman fed the cat for a few days. Eventually it warmed up to her and her daughter and let them pet it. Waltman called the no-kill animal rescue shelter. "They could take in the kitten in a few days, but they wanted me to catch it and take it into the house to keep it out of the cold."

Emma named the cat Meow Meow. She stayed with them for four days. On a Sunday afternoon, Sharon Yasneski from the Animal Resource Center came to pick up the cat.

"She was very, very sweet and very tiny," recalled Yasneski. "She appeared to have a dislocated hip. She was such a dear little thing, and my husband and I knew that nobody wants an animal with a disability, so we had said that we would take her.

"We called her Dora the Explora because she didn't let the hip keep her down. She explored every part of the house."

The strangest part

The next afternoon, Yasneski took the kitten to the vet. Usually, if she's dealing with an animal for the Animal Resource Center, she takes it to a vet in Bloomsburg. But she decided to take Dora to her own vet instead — Berwick Veterinary Care Center, the scene of the cat getaway in December. The doctor did a workup on Dora. She appeared to be healthy, except for the limp.

"I asked about having the hip looked after. He said it would be a matter of X-rays. It would probably be about $100," said Yasneski. "My husband and I decided to pay for it instead of asking the Animal Resource Center. So the next morning we took her back."

A different technician and doctor were working that day. The technician opened the cage, and the last part of the cat's story fell into place. The tech recognized her. Emma Colone's Meow Meow and Yasneski's Dora the Explora was really Liza, the escapee from seven weeks earlier.

"The ironic thing is, if I hadn't taken her to my vet here in Berwick, she would have never been returned to her owners," said Yasneski.

Later on the afternoon of Feb. 14 — Valentine's Day — Liza was reunited with the Matash family.

"She was just getting used to the house when we lost her, and when we brought her home it was like she had never left," recalled Matash. "She's a little survivor."

This story appeared in the August 18 edition of the Bloomsburg Press-Enterprise newspaper.

July 22-23 Adopt-A-Thon

The rains attacked us again on Saturday. On & off showers were the rule. Sunday, however, was a beautiful sunny day accompanied by a respite in humidity. Unfortunately, only 5 dogs and 3 cats were adopted out. Many more loving animals still need homes.

Here are some pictures.

These kittys are so sweet. They are just four of many available for adoption.

Hello. I'm Maxwell. My picture's on the home page! Now, everyone will see me! What's the big deal about that, you ask? You see, nobody adopted me, so I have to be all by myself again. That makes me sad because I really like to be around people. That's Dave trying to make me feel better. Thanks anyway, ARC, for showing me off. Maybe someone can give me a loving home.

My name is Thom. Paula is helping this nice lady fill out the adoption paperwork so I can go home with her. Here's a picture of her holding me (ah, it feels good to be held again). Thank you, ARC!
Love, Thom
P.S. Dave claims to be a dog person, but I saw him holding & petting a bunch of us cats today. That Dave! What a pussycat.

Hi. I'm Buddy. A nice lady helped me find a new home by taking me to the Animal Resource Center Adopt-A-Thon. This is me with the bandana she bought for me so I'd look spiffy for my new owner. I'm just waiting for her to pick me up now. Thanks, ARC, for getting me a new family!
Love, Buddy

I'm Snow White. I may be deaf, but I still like to get my belly rubbed! I was playing with this nice couple. I wish I had someone to rub my belly every day. Maybe you will!

Dustin takes time to give Emily a well deserved hug in our play-pen.

Alex and Mariah were having lazy days in the heat. Alex rested his chin in the water bowl while Mariah simply wanted to lay still in the grass.

2006 Annual Yard Sale

The 2006 Yard Sale Epilogue

While we didn't make the $15k we were striving for, we did take in $8k. All things considered, it was still a success despite the horrible weather.

The Yard Sale that was being held at Sunlight Feed & Pet Supply, just southwest of the US-11/SR-42 junction, is rained out. It was going to be a great sale. It started out nice enough... for a day or two.

On June 18th, many volunteers were happily unloading and organizing the abundant contributions to sell. It was a hot & steamy day. On June 19th, the official opening day of the sale, it was a clear, sunny day. It was looking good for the yard sale. Little did we know of the disaster that was to befall us just one week later. Here are some photos from Monday, June 19th. Smiling faces and positive outlooks were the rule.

Then, the rain started. Then, the rain continued... for a week. It started out just as afternoon thunderstorms. Annoying, but tolerable. On Thursday, June 22, I bought computers to sell. I took some home at the end of the day to the protection of my garage, leaving some monitors, printers, and scanners covered up for the night. That was the last decent day.

Then, we had the flood. The river level was originally forecast to have reached levels equivalent to the flood of '72 when Hurricane Agnes came through, 32-34 feet. We ended up cresting at 28.7 feet on the evening of June 28th, about 3-4 feet less than forecast, but still almost 10 feet above flood stage.

It was a whopper. The worst flooding came from runoff resulting from the intense rains flowing through otherwise mellow tributaries. Fishing Creek and Kinney Run, among others, became torrents. The increased rate of flow caused massive erosion. Some homes along them had their foundations compromised and must be razed.

Here are a few links to related images and stories:

We lost a few tents from thunderstorm gusts. Many items were damaged to the point where they have to be discarded. If we're lucky, we may break even on this. :-(

What I wrote before the flood.

With all the articles for sale here, we don't have room to display all the computers we have for sale, so I put them on virtual display here on the web site! I'll try to display them at the yard sale on Thursday.

There are six (6) complete computer systems tested by me, A62Dave. All work and are ready to go. Mind you, these are NOT current models, but each is good enough for basic web surfing, email, and general office use.

I vacuumed out the cases, made sure they boot up, and even ran a scandisk on 'em.

We have scanners, both USB and LPT. We have printers galore; dot matrix, ink jet, and laser. There's even a fax machine.

Get a complete system for only a $20 donation! That includes a computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard. Add a printer and scanner for an additional $2. You choose. Mix & match. They range from a Pentium 133 to a Celeron 533; 16 to 192 megabytes of RAM; Windows 95 to ME. Monitors are 15 and 17" with one 19" (HP M90)!

We have 2 of these bad boys!

Here are some photos from during setup on Sunday, June 18th.

Dave's truck with Ali riding shorgun.