2010 Fall/Winter Newsletter

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Pictures of shelter

I had a chance to visit PA last month and took some pictures of the "new" shelter. Much has changed for the better since construction first began back in early 2009. Click an image to view it in full resolution.

Here are the pictures:
What you see as you approach from entry road. Go left here.

Dog house connects to cat house via utility room, where small window is.

Cat house (no, not THAT kind of cat house)
See also these pics of the new pole building: click here.

Online news submissions wanted

If you have a news story pertaining to or about the Animal Resource Center of Bloomsburg PA, please send it via email, either in-line or as an attachment (.DOC, .PDF, .JPG, etc.), to me at dave@nokillarc.org.

Send me links to news stories you found on news sites such as:
or any other legitimate news site.

Send me pictures of ARC events, such as fundraisers or presentations, etc.

Dave Hilsdorf
volunteer webmaster for ARC

New online store

Visit the Animal Resource Center Online Store. ARC earns a commission on all products sold through the store. Either go ro our home page, http://www.nokillarc.org and click on "Online store", or simply click on this link: http://astore.amazon.com/anirescenofbl-20.

No Pet Left Behind Documentary

This documentary is about the No Kill animal rescue organizations. The program will layout a positive vision of animal rescue focused on Dogs and Cats. Topics of this program will cover the Challenges of caring for the animals, Finding good foster homes, Screening potential adopters, Experiences of the volunteers, and veterinary visits and interviews. Also covered is a brief section on the euthanasia of the animals and the reasons why so many don’t have to die!

This is a 3 Minute version of the over all program about the No Kill Rescues in America. This version was a finalist in the Midwest Short Film film-Fest 2009.


Pets as presents?

As we approach Christmas and Holiday seasons we always ask that you pass the word along to family and friends that giving a puppy or dog for Christmas is not the best gift. The commotion of the holidays are very hard on animals, and children tend to lose interest in things when they become work (feeding, scooping, vet care).

Gund Baby Spunky Plush Puppy Toy Small, TanIf you must give a pet, please consider adopting one from a shelter. Please do NOT buy one from a pet store or puppy mill breeder. You may want to consider buying a plush toy instead.

More than a feeling

Being with a dog is more than a feeling...
Click here to see: http://www.dogwork.com/feeling

Your dog loves you.

Some dogs cannot express their love for you verbally. Some can, but only in Doglish.

A Modern Dog newsletter

I received this via email and felt like sharing...
Newsbite l
June 30, 2010
TakeAChance.jpgWelcome to SAINTS, Where Senior and Special-Needs Dogs Have their Day
We recently visited SAINTS, or Senior Animals In Need Today, for a photo shoot. SAINTS is a hospice of sorts, a sanctuary for the discarded and disabled, run by Carol Hine on her three-acre property in Mission, BC.
Opening her doors to senior and special needs animals of all kinds, Hine's home is a veritable ark. Rescued mixed-breeds turned farm dogs cavort with second-chance llamas and cows, while cats and the smaller and more delicate dogs are found inside, draped over sofas and relaxing on beds--including Hine's own. All the animals in Hine's care are clearly cherished, even those blemished and crotchety from old age, and are shown the upmost love and attention, in some cases the first in a lifetime bereft of any kind word or gentle touch. It's clear these dogs have been given a little slice of heaven here on earth, somewhere to live out their last days with dignity, repect, and a surfeit of love. Though the name of the non-profit was chosen to refer to the animals in its care, we suspect that the real saint here is Hine herself. See the pictures from the photo shoot here.

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Beth German passes unexpectedly

Beth D. German, age 59, of Oyer Avenue, in Bloomsburg, died unexpectedly on Thursday, June 3, 2010, at her residence. She was a resident of Oyer Avenue for the past 35 years. She was a graduate of Bloomsburg High School and earned her teaching degree from Bloomsburg University. During most of her working career, Beth was a second grade teacher for the Millville Elementary School for over 30 years until her retirement.

She was a very passionate and avid supporter and Secretary for the Animal Resource Center in Bloomsburg. She was also a member of the Prayer Shawl Group from the Wesley United Methodist Church in Bloomsburg. For many years, Beth also knitted children’s sweaters for Hope Made Real, a children’s mission organization that sends knitted sweaters to children in Rwanda, Africa. Beth also knitted many sweaters to help support the Appalachian Children of Tennessee. Her favorite pastime was spending every day during the summer among close friends at the Bloomsburg Public Pool where she has gone for over 30 years.

Funeral services will be held on Tuesday, June 8, at noon from the Community Church of Christ at 750 Market St., in Bloomsburg, with Pastor Henry Shaffer officiating. Private burial will be held in Dutch Hill Cemetery. The German family is being assisted by the Allen Funeral Home at 745 Market St., in Bloomsburg.

Memorial contributions in Beth’s name are suggested to

  • Animal Resource Center, 301A Boone Road, Bloomsburg
  • PA Pets, 203 E. Fifth St., Bloomsburg 
  • EOS, 288 Dahl Road, Bloomsburg.

For those wishing, online condolences are available at AllenFuneralHomeonline.com

Dogs have new temporary home

As of May 22, all the ARC dogs now reside inside the new shelter. Thanks to all who made it possible.

Spring/Summer 2010 Newsletter

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Special Thanks

Kathy Diehl owner of Wizard of Paws grooming and boarding kennel does a lot of rescues, and places a lot of stray and unwanted animals. Kathy also is there day or night to help Animal Resource Center board animals when we need her. When Cyndi (our adoption coordinator) calls Kathy, she never says no. Thanks Kathy, together we rescue and place a lot of animals.

Thank yous go to the following:
  • Bed, Bath and Biscuit, Danville, have a photo board and a donation box set up for ARC. 
  • Michelle Conner for the great professional photos she takes of ARC animals. 
  • Home Depot, Bloomsburg for donating carpet samples to ARC for our cats.
  • Thanks to Turbotville VFWand Auxiliary Post 8206 for donating a truckload of food and treats to the shelter. 
  • Tractor Supply, Bloomsburg also donated food for our shelter animals. 
  • Super Wal-Mart for the grant donation. 
  • Maria Kuhn for donating merchandise and 3 cat crates. 
  • The Estate of Margaret Eagan. 

Thank you for Food Donations
  • Super Walmart, Bloomsburg 
  • Tuzzi's Baking Company, Berwick 
  • Moran Industrial, Watsontown 
  • Del Monte Pet Products, Bloomsburg 
  • Tech Packaging, Beach Haven 

Thank you ~ to our Veternarians
  • Animal Care Center, Danville 
  • Leighow Veterinary Hospital, Danville 
  • Berwick Veterinary Care Center, Berwick 
  • Dr. Kowalchick Veterinary Hospital, Berwick 
  • Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital

Movin' In

It has been months of hard work, but our adoptable cats think their new pad was worth the wait! During the fall of 2008, site clearing and road widening of 20 acres of land generously donated by the Stitz family began. Since then, ARC has worked vigorously to raise funds and construct a kennel to house homeless and abused animals in need of warm shelter, medical attention, and love.

Currently, only the cats occupy the new facility, but the dogs will be moved in early this season. In order to be up to kennel code, the outside runs for the dogs must be complete. Unfortunately, completing this masonry task has been on hold due to poor weather conditions. Luckily, once the weather breaks, this task should only take a few days to complete! We are eager to move in the rest of our adoptable family ASAP!

This spring, our doggie play yard will be erected and construction of the screened-in, kitty sunroom will begin! This summer, stage 2 of our 3 stage plan will commence. This plan includes a duplicate of our recently completed facility and a large pole building to be placed in the center of the 2009/2010 facilities.

All of this construction (and the spared lives of those who temporarily call it home) would not have been possible without financial support from local businesses and generous donors! YOU have helped make our mission of saving thousands of canine and feline lives possible! Thank you!

To learn more about ARC's construction progress or how you can volunteer your time, construction, animal care, computer, baking or fundraising services, please visit our website, nokillarc.org or call 784-3669.

19 puppies defeat death - TWICE

In January, more than 50 puppies were awaiting their fate in an overcrowded Kentucky shelter. The Estill County, KYshelter in the Appalachian Mountains is often overcrowded because it is the only shelter within 5 counties! If not adopted or transferred to another shelter soon, all these pups were going to be euthanized! Members of the Animal Resource Center stepped in to assist. We located a local family willing to foster 5 puppies and a private shelter in NYwilling to take in 20 puppies. We took the puppies that were at the KYshelter the longest because they would be the first to be put down. This also bought more time for the remaining 25 puppies in KY.As scheduled, ARC members and volunteers would transport all 25 to Bloomsburg, then 20 of them would be transported to the NYshelter.

Once in transport, ARCvolunteers noticed the poor health of at least 2 of the 25 pups bound for Bloomsburg and NY.They contacted ARC board members and decided to meet at the Watsontown Emergency Veterinary Hospital. Dr Haas quickly assessed the condition of the worst pup. Unfortunately, she tested positive for Parvo, a potentially fatal virus that causes extreme damage to the intestinal tract. It seemed as though the puppies dismal fate was set in stone, litterally. ARCmembers refused to give up on them though. Parvo was treatable, but could be expensive. It just didn't seem right for puppies to die for lack of human responsibility to spay and neuter their pets or then due to lack of funds to treat them.

Due to generous donations given by PetCo Foundation, animal lovers locally and throughout the country and monetary donations and/ or time given by Bloomsburg Vet Hospital, Watsontown Emergency Vet Hospital, and especially Dr. Berg and associates at Animal Care Vet Hospital, ARC was able to change the fate of these puppies once again! 19 out of the 25 pups have survived and 17 of them have already been adopted to loving homes. Saving the lives of these precious pups could not have been possible without all of the support that we have received, and for that we bow our hats to our supporters! Thank you!

ARC's 10th Anniversary

Special thanks go to our founder Al Gregorowicz. Al knew there was a need for a no-kill shelter in our area. He put an ad in the press and the first meeting was held at the Espy Fire Hall in 2000.

A board was formed. Our meetings were at The YMCA Bloomsburg (where they are held now). When the weather was warmer we did meet at the Bloomsburg Town Park.

Then we had our dogs and cats in foster care. Of course, it was a struggle then as it is now to get funds to support our animals and vet bills. As time went on and animal lives were saved we boarded our dogs at a local boarding kennel.

As we talked to people about ARC, got more people involved, got our name out to the public, Cyndi Lindenmuth became our adoption coordinator. She is still doing a great job. Cyndi would go to the kennel to show dogs and process adoptions.

The years passed quickly and now ARC is well known for all the good we have done and do.

We did a large rescue in a Watsontown trailer with approximately 23 dogs, 20 some cats, a turtle, a few other small animals were rescued. The local vets responded to our needs since we didn't have our own kennel up and running.

Chuck and Rhonda Stitz saw our story in the local press. There were photos of starving dogs with scars on their faces from fighting for the little food they had in that trailer. The sad, sad eyes of the cats that just wanted love and food. This is all these poor animals wanted.

The Stitz family donated 20 acres to ARC for a new shelter. It took quite a while to get things going but now we will be moving all our animals into our new shelter before summer. We can never thank the Stitz family enough for the kindness they showed ARC.

Dave Armstrong Print Raffle

Print: "October Shadows" - "numbered print"
Tickets: $5.00 each, 3 for $10.00
Drawingto be held at Banquet on Nov 20, 2010

Winetasting event: April 17, Sunbury

American Girl Doll Bingo: March 21, Espy Fire Hall

Thanks to all who donated online in January

Jan 23, 2010
Donation for the Parvo puppies
$100.00 from Danette K

Jan 21, 2010
For the parvo puppies - saw the article in the newspaper.
$150.00 from John W K

Jan 20, 2010
Parvo puppies!
$10.00 from Forever Home Beagle Rescue

Jan 20, 2010
Donation for the parvo pups coming from KY to PA. Thanks for saving them.
$50.00 from Lorraine S

Jan 19, 2010 $50.00 from Christine R

Jan 19, 2010
i'm donating because i heard about the parvo pups, but you can use the money for whatever you need!
$20.00 from Rachel C

Jan 19, 2010
this donation is for the parvo dogs. praying for their health!
$10.00 from Michelle P

Jan 19, 2010
for parvo pups
$25.00 from Lori W

Jan 19, 2010
Donation for the parvo pups! I really wish that I could donate more at this time, and if I don't lose my job next Monday, the 25th of January, I will be doing so....thank you. Donna Long
$50.00 from Donna L

Jan 15, 2010
I saw todays article in The Daily Item about the puppies that are sick, its not a lot but I hope this helps them!
$20.00 from Angela S

Jan 11, 2010 $20.00 from Kim F

Jan 10, 2010 $10.00 from Lindsay L

Jan 10, 2010 $25.00 from Linda H

Jan 10, 2010 $25.00 from Bernadette M

Bissel Most Valuable Pet contest

Enter your pet and designate Animal Resource Center as your charity of choice at