Thanks to all who donated in December

I would like to thank everyone who made an online donation. The spirit of giving was alive and well in December, with over $800 donated. Please, spread the word... volunteer... donate... every little bit helps.
Below is a list of donors in December. Thank you very much.
Dave H., volunteer "webmaster"

ZeeZee and Peanut have blessed our lives beyond measure. We wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope that this donation will continue your wonderful efforts to find forever homes for the animals you rescue. Cheryl M
Donation From Cheryl M

Donation From Kathleen E

In Memory of Our Beloved Sami
Donation From Chuck L

Thank you taking Peaches. I am happy he is healthy. Anything I can help with let me know. I will be checking on him to see if he gets adopted. Take care. Sherry T
Donation From Sherry T

Donation From Nikki Z

Merry Christmas from Jenn, Donna, and the pets.
Donation From Jennifer U

This contribution is a gift in the name of my friend, Beth Kline.
Donation From Jayne B

Donation From Kenneth A

Donation From Joseph H

Donation in the name of Josh Sprague and Joey Walter. Merry Christmas!
Donation From Theresa R

Fall/Winter 2009 Newsletter

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