Food stand at Arms Show, Feb 19 & 20

We may have a food stand Feb 19 and 20 at the Eagle Arms Show at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds (map). Stop on by for our tasty treats.

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Most Recent Construction at ARC

View from up on high

View from down below

View of the snow!
     ARC's newly constructed pole building will have the capability to house 17 more dogs, in addition to the 8 currently used kennels. The new building will also contain another cat/kitten room, grooming/bathing room, office, bathroom, waiting/reception room, isolation area for incoming dogs, cat/dog showroom, storage spaces, laundry room, and kitchen area to prepare animals food and meds.
     Although the "shell" of the building is already constructed, it will take more than a year or two and thousands of dollars in donations to complete.
     To help ARC with its mission of sheltering and rehoming our community's unloved and homeless animals, please send donations to Animal Resource Center in care of our President:
Linda Bird
301 A Boone Rd
Bloomsburg PA 17815

Thank you!

Click here to see our original post from when we first started back in 2008.

Sled Dog Slaughter

This is just horrible!

After bookings for their Dogsled Tours slumped following the Winter Olympics, Outdoor Adventures Whistler ordered a decrease in the size of the company's dog pack. When a vet refused to euthanize the healthy animals, an employee took the culling into his own hands, using a gun and a mass grave.

Many dogs needed to be shot twice, and there are reports that some were buried alive. 

The British Columbia SPCA is investigating the case. These beautiful animals deserve justice for what happened to them.

Join us in making sure this tragedy never happens again. »