Bank collecting donations for pet groups

From the LOCAL section of the Bloomsburg Press Enterprise, Monday, December 29, 2008, page 3:
— The Community Relations Committee of First Columbia Bank & Trust Co. will be holding its second pet campaign.
A collection of pet products and supplies will be taken to benefit the following agencies: PA Pets, SPCA, Animal Resource Center, Mostly Mutts, Greyhound Rescue and Purrfect Love.
Items being accepted include food, treats, leashes, litter, toys, etc. First Columbia Bank will also accept monetary donations in check form only.
The bank’s goal is to provide these organizations a bit of relief during the winter months and throughout the economic pinch.
The collection will begin Friday, Jan. 2, and continue through Saturday, Jan. 31. Donations are being accepted at each of First Columbia Bank & Trust Co.’s 13 community branch offices in Benton, Berwick, Bloomsburg, Buckhorn, Catawissa, Elysburg, Lightstreet, Orangeville, Millville, Scott Township and West Hazleton.

Advice for adopting a dog or puppy.

Once again, why breed or buy while homeless pets die?
Please adopt your next pet.

Why we do what we do

THIS is why we do what we do. He just wants a home and someone
to love him. Sure, he may have some bad habits, but any good parent can
remedy that with patience and caring.

Gas 'n' Go winner

Mary Farver, Animal Resource Center board member (left), surprises Gas N Go winner Mary Kisatsky (right) with $1,000 in gas gift certificates.  Mary Kisatsky is a special education teacher in the Hazleton Area School District.  She won the $1,000 in gas gift certificates from a fund raiser raffle for the Animal Resource Center, Bloomsburg.Mary Farver, Animal Resource Center board member (left), surprises Gas N Go winner Mary Kisatsky (right) with $1,000 in gas gift certificates. Mary Kisatsky is a special education teacher in the Hazleton Area School District. She won the $1,000 in gas gift certificates from a fund raiser raffle for the Animal Resource Center, Bloomsburg.

The winning ticket number was 193. The ticket was drawn at the board meeting on 12/2/08.

10 Reasons to Adopt a Cat from Animal Resource Center

  1. All ARC cats are spayed and neutered.
  2. All ARC cats are tested for feline leukemia (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FeV).
  3. All ARC cats are up to date on their vaccinations.
  4. All ARC cats have their vet records released with their adoption.
  5. All ARC cats are free roaming at our site. Only newcomers are caged until they are seen by a veterinarian.
  6. Because our cats are not in cages, they are more socialized with people and with each other. Our staff and volunteers continue to work on socializing our more timid cats.
  7. We know the personalities of our cats and can try to link the right cat to the right person.
  8. All ARC cats are part of our own extended families. We check references and perform a home visit with all adoptions to ensure the future welfare of our cats in their forever home.
  9. The adoption fee is only $35.00.
  10. Adopting an ARC cat makes room for us to take in another unwanted, abused or abandoned cat.

Benefit Banquet 2008

A Benefit Banquet is to be held at
Washington Fire Co. a.k.a. "Washies"
400 Railroad Street
Danville, PA 17821 [Map it].

Doors open at 5pm, Dinner at 6.
There will be a DJ, dinner, and silent auction.

Here are some scenes from last year:

Basket & Vera Bradley Bingo - Nov 9, 2008

Update 12/2/08: Thank you to all who helped raise over $1,600 at this event.

A fundraiser is to be held on Sunday, NOV 9, 2008, at
Catawissa Fire Hall
400 South St
Catawissa PA 17820 (view map)
Doors open at 12:30, Early Bird at 2:00
Donation of $20 gets you 20 games with 6 squares per game
Specials included. Raffles and lunch available.
Proceeds to benefit the Animal Resource Center, your local no-kill shelter.
Bring a donation of: collar, leash, animal toy, food, paper towels, bleach, bath towel, etc... and receive a bingo card for a special game.

For tickets, call...
The Wizard of Paws: 271-1135
Mary: 594-8754
Linda: 784-3669
Tickets also available at the door.

Longaberger® and the other basket and collection names are the property of The Longaberger® Company. Vera Bradley® is a trademarks of Vera Bradley Designs, Inc. This fundraiser is neither connected with nor sponsored by either company.

2008 Annual Yard Sale, Oct 16-19

10/22/08: The preliminary analysis indicates that ARC did quite well at the yard sale this year. Thanks to everyone who donated, volunteered, and bought. -Dave-
Press-Enterprise picture

The 2008 Annual Yard Sale will be inside again this year!
WHERE: Bloomsburg Fairgrounds Industrial Building
WHEN: October 16-19, 2008
Thursday & Friday: 9am-6pm
Saturday: 8am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm
As always, food and baked goods will be available. (I love those baked salted peanuts.) Home made doggy treats.
New merchandise arrives daily.
Come support our no-kill shelter.

To donate, please call 784-3669 and leave a message.
Nice merchandise only, please. If it didn't sell at your yard sale, it probably won't sell at ours, either. NO CLOTHING. Please donate clothing to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

HELP WANTED for yard sale

10/11-19: Work will involve loading & unloading, setting up tables, arranging what goes where, pricing items to be sold, etc. If you have a big heart, strong back, and good organizational skills, we need you. If you have a desire to help, we need you.

We are in need of bottled water and DIET soda pop to sell at the sale.
We have PLENTY of regular and diet cola and sugar soda--we need OTHER diet flavors, such as Diet Dr Pepper, Diet Sprite, Diet Root Beer, etc.

If you would like to help, please call 784-3669 and leave a message that includes your phone number and availability.

$1000 of gas for only $10?

With our Gas-n-Go fundraiser, you can win a $1000 gift card good at the gas station of your choice. No drawing until all tickets are sold. Tickets are $20 NOW ONLY $10 each. If you already paid $20 for a ticket, you can pick up another one. Only 1000 tickets are available, so call 784-3669 or 356-2387 for details and your chance to win.

Longaberger® + Vera Bradley Bingo + Auction 9/14/08

A Longaberger® Basket + Vera Bradley Bingo & Auction will be held Sunday, September 14, 2008 at 12:30pm at the Espy Fire Department, 300 Tenny St, Espy PA 17815. The fundraiser proceeds will benefit Animal Resource Center.

Image of Animal Resource Center members Cyndi Lindenmuth, Adoption Coordinator, Linda Bird, President, and photographer, Lori Hilsdorf.Donation: $20 for 20 games 6 squares per game
Specials included

For tickets, call...
Linda: 784-3669
The Wizard of Paws: 271-1135
Mary: 594-8754
Tickets also available at the door

Raffles and
Lunch available
Bring a animal toy, pet food, paper towels, bleach, bath towels, collar, leash, etc, and receive a bingo card for a special game.

Berwick sale for ARC netted $765

I thank the people of Berwick and vicinity for the great support they showed when I held my four-day Yard Sale for Animal Resource Center (ARC): the people who dropped off donations to my home, donated tables, came early to help me set up the tables, helped load up and haul unsold items back to the storage garage in Buckhorn.
Thanks to the people who entered the raffle and donated their winning items back to ARC. Thanks to all the people who could not find “anything they absolutely could not live without” and dropped a donation in the donation jar. Thanks to those who took key tags to help with donations when they shop at a local food store. These things are what make a community effort a great one.
ARC is all volunteer-based, and fund-raiser efforts are needed to continue to help homeless and abused animals. The support I received was overwhelming, and I appreciate it so much. I want to thank my neighbors for their donations to this cause and also for their patience and understanding. The sale netted $765. Next year I hope to do even better.
(Update 10/7/08: All cats are now spayed/neutered. Thanks, Yas!)

Kennel owners shot 80 dogs

Officials: Kennel owners shot 80 dogs
Brothers broke no law in destroying animals to avoid veterinarian exams
HARRISBURG (AP) — Two eastern Pennsylvania kennel operators shot 80 dogs after wardens ordered some of the animals examined by veterinarians, dog law enforcement officials said Tuesday.
Elmer Zimmerman of Kutztown shot 70 dogs after a July 24 inspection, officials of the state Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement said. His brother, Ammon Zimmerman, operator of a kennel next door, shot 10 dogs, officials said.
Wardens had ordered 39 dogs checked for flea and fly bites. They also issued citations for extreme heat, insufficient bedding and floors dogs’ feet could fall through. Elmer Zimmerman told The Philadelphia Inquirer he feared the state was trying to close his kennel, and said a veterinarian recommended
destroying the dogs.
“They were old, and we were hearing that they don’t want kennels anymore,” he said. “The best thing to do was get rid of them.”
Ammon Zimmerman told a reporter the decision to destroy the dogs was “none of your business.”
‘Horrible,’ but ‘legal’
State law allows owners to put dogs down by shooting them, though Gov. Ed Rendell is trying to change that. He backs legislation pending in the state Legislature that would allow only veterinarians to euthanize dogs in commercial kennels.
“It’s horrible, but it’s legal,” Jessie Smith, special deputy secretary of the doglaw bureau, said of the shootings. “That someone would shoot 70 dogs rather than spend money to do a vet check is extremely problematic,” Smith said.
Many options Ken Brandt, lobbyist for the Pennsylvania Professional Dog Breeders’ Association, said the group didn’t support the operators’ actions. He said there were other ways to resolve the situation, “like in a court.” The breeders could have turned the dogs over to rescue groups, said Howard Nelson, chief executive officer of the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “Every humane society in the state would have taken those dogs,” Nelson said.
The two men surrendered their kennel licenses. Elmer Zimmerman pleaded guilty to four charges of violating the dog law, Smith said.

Misty, Shadow and Sheba

Misty, Shadow and Sheba were adopted from ARC. They now have a happy home and, as their new mommy says, "Misty and the cats cuddle now. Not sure if she thinks she's a cat or they think they're a dog."

This is one happy story. There are so many more animals that need a forever home. Please, if you are thinking about getting a pet, think about adoption; it's the only option. Remember to spay and neuter your pets!

Dogs found

A dog was found in front of Cobblestone Inn on Old Berwick Rd between Bloomsburg and Berwick on 8/8/08 @10am by a utility worker. Call Lori about this dog only at 784-1187. (COURTESY POST - NOT AFFILIATED WITH ARC)


If you know anything about the following found dog in the Trevorton area, please contact Jody at 898-0196. (COURTESY POST - NOT AFFILIATED WITH ARC)
"... It is a ... mix about 2 yrs of age. It's great with kids and other animals. ...he really needs to be with kids or other dogs...he loves to play. It looked to have been hit by a car...I took it to the vet and they checked him out..gave me some medicine for his bruises and said everything seems to be fine. "

5th Annual Rod & Custom Cruise–In

When: Fri, Aug 8-10, 12pm – 5pm
Where: Bloomsburg Fairgrounds
Animal Resource Center representatives will be selling hot dogs and grilled items to raise money August 8, 9, and 10, 2008 at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds. Prizes, Raffles, Entertainment, Camping Available, Vendor & Crafter Space Available: Parts, Demo, Car Corral, Flea Market Call (570) 387-2000 for details or email

Click our "Calendar of Events" link for all upcoming events.

8 Reasons for Animal Birth Control

Cats and dogs are being killed in animal shelters and on the streets for two reasons: Because irresponsible people, intentionally or unintentionally, neglect to sterilize their animals and because people buy animals from breeders and pet stores instead of adopting. Join our Animal Birth Control campaign to be a part of the solution to the animal overpopulation crisis. It’s as easy as ABC—always adopt. Always spay and neuter.
For related information, click here.

July meetings cancelled

There will be neither a Board nor Fundraiser meeting in July. We apologize for any inconvenience.

July Daily Number drawing

Tickets are now available for July's "Daily Number - Evening" drawing. If your 3-digit ticket number matches the Pennsylvania Lottery's Daily Number drawn during the evening drawing each day, you have a chance to win up to $100. Some past winners even have been kind enough to donate their winnings, but you don't have to.

To purchase your ticket, or for more information, call Sharon Yas at 752-5029 or Linda at 784-3669. Completed purchased ticket stubs need to be in our hands NLT Jun 30 to ensure a fair drawing. Good luck! Even if you don't win, the animals do.

Click here to check the winning numbers.

8/5/08: And the winners are:
Date # Winner's name
1 464 no winner
2 643 Chris Meeker, Berwick
3 122 Kathy Novak, Danville
4 616 no winner
5 687 Laurie Leach, Berwick (donated winnings to ARC. Thank you!)
6 176 no winner
7 195 Michelle Yefko, Mifflinville
8 265 Cathy Wagner, Orangeville
9 394 Jan Thomas, Bloomsburg
10 340 Deb Cropf, Danville
11 741 Charles Marko, Ravenna Ohio
12 017 Fred Shotwell, Berwick
13 201 Camille Calvitti, Exeter
14 483 no winner
15 919 no winner
16 826 Mike Adams, Berwick
17 007 no winner
18 159 no winner
19 669 no winner
20 259 no winner
21 729 Jean Golomb, Nescopeck
22 935 Shirley Sharrow, Bloomsburg
23 706 Kathy Novak, Danville
24 716 no winner
25 245 Bob Olaf, Danville
26 087 no winner
27 113 Jane Baer, Danville
28 936 Dot Scoles, Hunlock Creek
29 178 Sharon Boyer, Catawissa
30 694 no winner
31 391 no winner

Basket Bingo: 6/22/08

Pictured with the baskets that will be won at the Basket Bingo are, from left-to-right, Ethel Dalious, Dianne Lenoard, Lin Bird, Dave Hilsdorf, and Dianna McFadden
Don't forget! Basket Bingo on Sunday, June 22, at the Bloomsburg Fire Hall, 911 Market St. Doors open at 12:00pm. Early Bird at 2pm.

Pick your own prize & Longaberger tote bag Chinese Auction.

For tickets, call:
Linda: 784-3669
The Wizard of Paws: 271-1135
Mary: 594-8754
275-3421 or 437-2101

Raffles and lunch available.
Tickets available at the door.

Donation: $20 for 20 games, 6 squares per game.

Bring an animal toy, food, paper towels, bleach, bath towel, collar, leash, etc. and receive a bingo card for a special game.

David Armstrong print raffle 6/17/08

And the winner is... Carissa Borick of Baltimore MD. Congratulations!
The drawing for the David Armstrong print named "Faces In My Garden" took place on Tuesday, Jun 17, at the Bloomsburg YMCA, across the street from the Sears Parts & Repair building. An unbiased guest from Rochester NY drew the winning ticket from the box under scrutiny from all present.

It is a numbered print. It is matted and framed. Tickets are $5 each or 3 for $10. This is a $245 retail value item. Take a chance on one for only $5 from us.

Over 1,000 animals per shelter put down annually

A cat that is up for adoption at the Humane Society gets a little love from a puppy in Searcy, Arkansas. The Searcy Animal Shelter had to put down over 1,000 animals in 2007. Why? Because of the low number of people who spay or neuter their pets.

Can you imagine if we did this with humans?


Some events cancelled

We will NOT be part of the Columbia Mall Community Days on June 21, nor we will be doing the nursing home visit on June 13. Sorry for any confusion.

Tiffani's Birthday Gifts Donation

View larger imageTiffani Reese from Millville, recently celebrated her 11th birthday and asked guests at her party to bring donations for the ARC in lieu of presents, and this is what she collected. Thanks, Tiff! And thanks to Tiff's mom, Lori, for letting us know. :-)

We Need Storage Space

In preparation for the upcoming Annual Yard Sale, we need some space to store donated items until the big day. If you are willing to donate the use of your space (barn, garage, etc), please call 784-3669.

Cat Food Needed

When I put the plea out in March, we got a great response. Well, guess what? We need more dry and canned cat food again! Thanks to those who responded to the earlier plea. Hopefully, we can find more donors who can donate smaller amounts more consistently rather than having to rely on periodic pleas for mass donations. Call 784-5971 to arrange a donation.

Volunteers Needed!

As of May 20, we still "desperately" need steady volunteers to help clean cages, feed and walk the dogs, and enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of making an animal feel wanted. A one-time volunteer is nice, but we need steady help. We know it is not for everyone.

The animals are living beings and need love, care and attention every day, not just once in a while. Call Cathy at 683-6227 to volunteer.

Farm Cats Need Home

Working in conjuction with Berwick authorities, we are trying to find good farm homes for a group of about 30 feral cats. They will be neutered and up-to-date with shots before we release them to new owners. They are sure to be excellent mousers. Please contact Kristie at 759-3084 or by email at

Since they are technically not ours, if they do not get adopted, they will be put down. This is a prime example of why you should spay and neuter your pets. Do not encourage others to breed and sell kittens by buying from a pet store or an ad in the paper. That only gives them incentive to breed more animals.

Night of Wine and Music: April 12, 2008

Come hear the sounds of Tony Kurdilla and the Lehigh Avenue Jazz Quartet while enjoying some of the wines from the Spyglass Ridge Winery. You will also be able to enjoy the finest coffee offered by Kristie's Kafe.

The Night of Wine and Music, sponsored by and held at the Spyglass Ridge Winery, is an annual fundraising event for the benefit of the Animal Resource Center. You will be able to taste a variety of wines grown right here in Sunbury. You also may purchase wines to take home with you. Proceeds from wine sales benefit the ARC, so donate generously.

Tickets are $25 per person. Doors open at 6. Tasting starts at 6:30. Please purchase in advance by calling the Spyglass Ridge Winery at 286-9911 or Daniel Brassington at 799-0167.

Vera Bradley Purse BINGO

Sunday, March 30 , 12pm – 6pm at the Bloomsburg Fire Hall, 911 Market St, Bloomsburg PA 17815. See all happenings on our Calendar of Events.


We received a Valentine card from Simon, a former resident of our shelter. Here is a transcript. Click the image to see the actual card.

Hi, Everyone!
Look at me with my football that holds treats while my family watches the game. And there I am sleeping in my cozy bed! And there I'm warming up by the fire after a walk. I'm doing well (after a few problems last August) and I'm healthy and happy these days. Hope my buddies at the shelter find their life long families, too. Hugs and wet kisses on Valentine's Day!

Thanks to the Animal Resource Center, Simon has a loving family.

Original Knits by Beth

You can find fine knitted items made by Beth German at the River Stone Gallery. All profits benefit ARC. River Stone Gallery is on the web at and in real life at 33 E Main Street in Bloomsburg. They are open Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm. Call 387-1666 for more info.

March Daily Evening Lottery Raffle

Drawings every day in March. Donation: $5 per ticket. If your ticket number matches the evening Pennsylvania Lottery 3-digit Daily Number, win $25. Match the numbers on March 10 or March 31 and win $100!
Tickets available through the normal channels. You can also call Sharon at 752-5029. Dave also has some tickets. Please donate generously.

Paw Prints Dog Sanctuary

Linda asked that I provide a link to Paw Prints Dog Sanctuary as a thank you for the assistance they have given both us and deploying military members through their Canine Corps. Check them out at

Cloak & Dragon Bookstore

Stop in the Cloak & Dragon book store at 12 E Main St, Bloomsburg, and say hi to Penny, the rescued greyhound. She is usually curled up on her pillow. Ask Sharon, the book-keeper, about greyhound rescues. 570-387-8557