Some events cancelled

We will NOT be part of the Columbia Mall Community Days on June 21, nor we will be doing the nursing home visit on June 13. Sorry for any confusion.

Tiffani's Birthday Gifts Donation

View larger imageTiffani Reese from Millville, recently celebrated her 11th birthday and asked guests at her party to bring donations for the ARC in lieu of presents, and this is what she collected. Thanks, Tiff! And thanks to Tiff's mom, Lori, for letting us know. :-)

We Need Storage Space

In preparation for the upcoming Annual Yard Sale, we need some space to store donated items until the big day. If you are willing to donate the use of your space (barn, garage, etc), please call 784-3669.

Cat Food Needed

When I put the plea out in March, we got a great response. Well, guess what? We need more dry and canned cat food again! Thanks to those who responded to the earlier plea. Hopefully, we can find more donors who can donate smaller amounts more consistently rather than having to rely on periodic pleas for mass donations. Call 784-5971 to arrange a donation.

Volunteers Needed!

As of May 20, we still "desperately" need steady volunteers to help clean cages, feed and walk the dogs, and enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of making an animal feel wanted. A one-time volunteer is nice, but we need steady help. We know it is not for everyone.

The animals are living beings and need love, care and attention every day, not just once in a while. Call Cathy at 683-6227 to volunteer.