Another Night of Wine and Music

Saturday, April 14. Doors open at 6pm. Tasting begins at 6:30.

Steel City Pet Expo

Steel City Pet Expo is being held at The Monroeville Convention Center in Monroeville, PA on June 28. Some of you are already planning to attend and showcase your adoptable pets at this event. It is a great opportunity to interact with the pet passionate public and make sure they know that they can find your adoptable pets after the event online at

Whether you are exhibiting or not, be sure to share the event information with your friends and pet-loving supporters. In addition to shelters and rescue groups, there will be exhibitors showcasing pet food and treats; toys; beds; artwork; photography; clothing and more.

Expo hours are Saturday 10am to 6pm with free admission.  You can visit  for more information. Adoption groups can receive 10% off the non-profit booth price when mentioning Petfinder.

Petfinder has a booth space at the expo and we are looking for a great Petfinder member to take it over and help represent us!  You can bring your adoptable animals and literature, but will have the extra advantage of being under the Petfinder name. All we ask in return is that when other members come to your booth during set-up hours, you distribute the tabletop signs we are shipping. If you are interested and you are not already signed for a booth of your own, and your group can cover the full exhibitor hours, please email with your Shelter ID and Group Name.

If you are already scheduled to attend, or will be securing a booth of your own, please don’t forget to stop by the Petfinder booth the morning of the event to pick up a free tabletop sign. We are sending all Petfinder members who have a booth one of these signs to remind all attendees that they can find your adoptable pets on Petfinder. After the show, the sign is yours to keep for future adoption events.


- Petfinder Outreach Team

Broken links fixed

As of January 2014, the addresses and plain old were no longer working due to a change in hosting from Godaddy servers to new Google servers. The address continued to work just fine, but links to some file that were on the old servers stopped working at that time. I thought I had updated all links, but, as some of you found out, I missed two very important ones. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone.

The broken links should now be fixed, pointing to the files hosted on the more-versatile Google servers. Leave the initial "www." off the URL when typing in the site name. Just use

If anyone finds anything more wrong with the site, you may contact me directly via email at the following address:  d a v e @ n o k i l l a r c . o r g

Dave Hilsdorf
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