Gun Show at Espy Fire Hall.

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Fall-Winter 2011 Newsletter

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Videos wanted

I need videos of our shelter pets. If you volunteer at the shelter, or have adopted an animal from us, and have taken a video of the adoptable or adopted animals, please share it with us. Send your videos as an attachment in an email to dave@nokillarc.org, along with a description, and I will post them with credit given to you (unless you tell me otherwise). Raw video from your digital camera is is best, but cell phone video is good, too.
Dave, volunteer webmaster

Pets abandoned since flood

Animal Resource Center is struggling to accommodate animals

Press Enterprise Writer

MILLVILLE — Unwanted and malnourished dogs have become increasingly frequent finds for the animal shelter here in the wake of last month's flood.

One pooch was rescued after someone spotted him tied to a front porch at a Scott Township home in the flood zone, says Linda Bird of the Animal Resource Center. It didn't look like the owner was expecting to return anytime soon.

Another was found at Bloomsburg's Town Park, running loose without a collar. Bird suspects that dog's owner removed her tags and dumped her there after the flood.

Many of the recent finds — eight stray pooches were picked up last weekend alone — are emaciated and covered in fleas and ticks as if they've been on their own for weeks.

"A lot of them seem to have been running for awhile," Bird said.

Feeding the dogs isn't a problem; the no-kill shelter has plenty of donations from local processing plants and stores.

But the influx has left the non-profit struggling with mounting vet bills and a building that needs $30,000 more in work to keep the dogs warm through winter, Bird said.

For now, 20 dogs at the shelter are squatting in space made to accommodate eight. Once the work is complete, the place could house 25.

Hard to say 'no'

Adoptions, and the funding that comes with them, are down, Bird says. "The adoptions were going very, very well until the flood hit."

Only three dogs have found homes in the last month.

Over the same time, "the number of strays has just gotten unbelievable," Bird says. She blames the flood, straining folks who were already burdened by the poor economy.

Now it's ARC that is struggling to make ends meet. "We can barely keep our head above water," said Bird.

Some animals at the shelter are being held temporarily while residents struggle to renovate their flooded homes or find new places to live.

One man was run out of his Ninth Street home in Bloomsburg and had to put his two cats in the shelter.

He comes to visit his pets often, Bird says. And there are some tears.

"It is devastating when you have to leave your animals," Bird said.

Even with the shelter already above capacity, she finds it difficult to turn animals away.

"We don't ever want to say 'no.'"

$5G for vet bills

Bird says the state doesn't have any grants available to help.

So the shelter has to rely on donors and fund-raisers throughout the year.

But a few events were canceled or postponed because of the flood last month.

Bird estimates the group has about $4,000 less than it usually does this time of year.

In an average month, veterinarian bills ring in at about $5,000, she said.

$100G project

Purina recently gave the center 4,000 pounds of pet food, and Del Monte and Tech Packaging routinely donate food.

Walmart, meanwhile, gives broken bags that can't be sold at the store.

But ARC still needs monetary donations to cover veterinary care and to buy materials to finish an area of the building to house dogs over the winter. That section will be warmed by a pellet stove that was already installed.

The project will take about $100,000 total to complete, but the group plans to work on the structure in phases as funding becomes available.

Residents willing to adopt or foster animals would also alleviate some of the crowding, Bird noted.

However, she said cats and kittens are comfortable in their area, with more than 50 living as colonies in several large rooms.

To donate: www.nokillarc.org, Animal Resource Center on Facebook, or send a check to ARC, 301-A Boone Road, Bloomsburg, PA 17815.

Tell your story. Kristin Baver can be reached at 387-1234 ext. 1310 or kristin.b@pressenterprise.net. Or follow her on Twitter @KristinBaver.

American Doll Bingo 10/9

This event has been moved to October 9.

Espy Fire Hall

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Annual Yard Sale thru Aug 6

Cinema Center Plaza, Rt 11 Bloomsburg (view map)

Held daily, 9-4, now through Aug 6.  Donations may be dropped off during sale hours.
No clothes please! Call Jean at 570-441-8640 if you have questions.

Click the image below to view full size and print out.
Click this image to view full size and print out.
Construction Progress: ARC's newly constructed pole building will have the capability to house 17 more dogs, in addition to the 8 currently used kennels. The new building will also contain another cat/kitten room, grooming/bathing room, office, bathroom, waiting/reception room, isolation area for incoming animals, cat/dog showroom, storage spaces, laundry room, and kitchen area to prepare animals' foodand medicine.
   Although the shell of the building is already constructed, it will take more than a year or two and thousands of dollars to complete. The more donations we receive, the quicker we can help more homeless animals. Please donate to save lives!

Service 1st donates $1,000

In the photo below, members of the Service 1st Leadership Team brought their furry friends to help present a $1,000 donation to the Animal Resource Center of Bloomsburg, June 15, 2011 at the Service 1st Corporate Center in Danville. Heidi Venarchick (standing center behind check) accepted the donation on behalf of the Animal Resource Center.
Back Row (left to right): Bill Lavage, Service 1st President/CEO; Angela Hall, Animal Resource Center volunteer; Heidi Venarchick, Animal Resource Center; Jay Reed; Jeff Balestrini; and Karen Wood.
Front Row (left to right): Connie Mattis & Linda Brown.

Beth German Memorial Golf Tournament June 25

To be held on the June 25th.
http://www.cherokeegolfcourse.com/ 217 Elysburg Rd, Danville PA

June 25th: The first Beth German Memorial Tournament benefits the Animal resource Center.

You’re invited to the Beth German Memorial Golf Tournament to benefit the Animal Resource Center on Saturday June 25th at Cherokee Golf Course. The tournament is a rain or shine four person scramble. 

Registration is from 8:00 am to 8:30 am with the shotgun start at 9:00 am. Cost is $60 per person or $240 per team and includes 18 holes of golf with cart, hot dog and soda at the turn, luncheon and prizes.

Contact Heidi Venarchick at 570-594-8534

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Spring Fling in Danville May 7

Our stand will be in front of the post office.

Spring/Summer 2011 Newsletter

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Front cover

Back cover

Wine Tasting fundraiser Apr 16

It's that time again! We will be having our annual wine tasting fundraiser once again at Spyglass Ridge Winery on Saturday, April 16, 2011. Doors open at 6:00 for socializing. Wine tasting starts at 6:30 to 10:00 PM.

Spyglass Ridge Winery is easily located just outside the town of Sunbury, PA. From Sunbury, follow Rt. 61 S., make right on to Rt. 890 S. Go 3/4 mi. and make left on to Plum Creek Rd.

Go exactly 1 mi. on Plum Creek Road. You'll see the vineyards opening up on the hills to your left. The winery entrance sits on the intersection of Plum Creek Rd. and Carroll Rd.

105 Carroll Road
Sunbury, PA 17801 (map)


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Dog with duct-taped snout rescued

Link: http://www.ohmidog.com/2011/04/05/ducky-captured-in-western-maryland/

After numerous sightings, an elusive stray dubbed “Ducky” — because his snout was wrapped in duct tape — was snagged by animal control officers in western Maryland, and two men have been charged with animal cruelty in connection with his mistreatment.
Ducky, as he has been referred to on the “We Love Ducky” Facebook page, had eluded animal control officers and volunteers for a week.
On Sunday morning, though, he was found resting on the porch of a home in Lonaconing, according to theCumberland Times-News.
The resident called the county 911 center, which dispatched animal control officials to pick up the dog. By Sunday afternoon, after biting one of the officers, Ducky was being treated at the Western Maryland Animal Hospital by Dr. John T. Fox, according to Elizabeth Care, a volunteer at Ark of Hope Rescue.
Ricky Allen Adams, 25, of Cumberland (left), and Frederick Newton Lease, 27, of Mount Savage, have been charged with animal cruelty. Neither of them owned the dog, police said.
Sightings of Ducky had been reported Saturday on U.S. Route 40 near the Garrett County border. Ducky was first spotted near Corriganville more than a week ago.
“Overall, Ducky is in good health and is being treated for parasites,” said a veterinary technician at the animal hospital. Ducky is in quarantine, however, because of the bite, and will remain there for 10 days before a transfer to Ark of Hope.
“We will get him socialized and trusting people, then he will be put up for adoption,” said Care.
No one knows where the dog came from.
Updates on Ducky’s condition will be provided on the Allegany County Animal Shelter Management Foundation Facebook page.
To help with Ducky’s vet expenses, contact Ark of Hope Rescue at 301-478-3300, or by click here.

Gun Show at Espy Fire Hall now on 4/17

UPDATE: The date has changed for the Gun Show.
It is no longer on 4/3.
It is now going to be on 4/17.

American Doll Bingo 3/27

At Espy Fire Hall (map). No other details available at press time.
Call 784-3669 for details.

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Regular Walks Help Shelter Dogs Become More Adoptable

From the AdoptApet.com newsletter...

A recent study in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior focused on shelter dogs in Vienna, Austria.   Their goal?  To find out what would increase the chances for  long-term shelter dogs getting adopted.  It turns out they were able to conclude and prove that socialization and basic training were found to significantly improve the chance for adoption; however time constraints often do not allow most shelter staff to engage in additional activities with the animals.   

The Vienna Shelter tried to come up with a way to help their animals anyway.   They created a ‘‘sponsors of care’’ program designed for each shelter dog to be matched with a sponsor who would be responsible for taking the dog on regular walks.   The shelter even created a training program with a professional trainer for the sponsors to attend, and offered supervision when difficulties arose.

Over the years since this program began in 2003, the number of sponsors working with dogs has increased, many sponsors ended up adopting their shelter dog, and best of all as a result of this program, the number of long-term stays was reduced from 26% to 12% by 2009!  This study proves that taking shelter dogs for walks significantly increases their quality of life as well as their chances for adoption.  

If you're in need of dog-walkers to help your dogs get movin', use Adopt-a-Pet.com's volunteer database to find passionate tennis-shoe -wearing folks who are more than willing to hoof it and woof it so that your dogs can become more adoptable, too!  Click here to find volunteers near you!

Want to walk our dogs? Send an email to cyndi@nokillarc.org.

Food stand at Arms Show, Feb 19 & 20

We may have a food stand Feb 19 and 20 at the Eagle Arms Show at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds (map). Stop on by for our tasty treats.

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Most Recent Construction at ARC

View from up on high

View from down below

View of the snow!
     ARC's newly constructed pole building will have the capability to house 17 more dogs, in addition to the 8 currently used kennels. The new building will also contain another cat/kitten room, grooming/bathing room, office, bathroom, waiting/reception room, isolation area for incoming dogs, cat/dog showroom, storage spaces, laundry room, and kitchen area to prepare animals food and meds.
     Although the "shell" of the building is already constructed, it will take more than a year or two and thousands of dollars in donations to complete.
     To help ARC with its mission of sheltering and rehoming our community's unloved and homeless animals, please send donations to Animal Resource Center in care of our President:
Linda Bird
301 A Boone Rd
Bloomsburg PA 17815

Thank you!

Click here to see our original post from when we first started back in 2008.

Sled Dog Slaughter

This is just horrible!

After bookings for their Dogsled Tours slumped following the Winter Olympics, Outdoor Adventures Whistler ordered a decrease in the size of the company's dog pack. When a vet refused to euthanize the healthy animals, an employee took the culling into his own hands, using a gun and a mass grave.

Many dogs needed to be shot twice, and there are reports that some were buried alive. 

The British Columbia SPCA is investigating the case. These beautiful animals deserve justice for what happened to them.

Join us in making sure this tragedy never happens again. » 

Missouri voters approved the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act

Other states are acting. What about you in yours?

This past November, Missouri voters approved the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, a citizen's initiative to protect puppy mill dogs from cruel and inhumane conditions.  Unfortunately, lawmakers have filed legislation to overturn the initiative (Proposition B) and thwart the voters will. If this act by the legislature isn't stopped not only will the cruel and inhumane treatment of puppy mill dogs continue, but the voice of hundreds of thousands of Missouri voters will have been silenced.

We cannot let this happen many thousands of dogs are depending on Prop B.  I am writing to ask you to take just a moment to contact your elected officials and speak out against this.  Please let your elected officials know that voters in Missouri have spoken and they want to protect dogs in puppy mills. The legislature should not interfere with Proposition B. 

Click here to learn more and take action:

Care2 Action Alert - Lacey

care2 petitionsite actionAlert

Help Convict Lacey's Abuser
Lacey deserves justice.
Take Action!
Lacey, a seven pound mixed breed, was found tied up in her owner's backyard. She was in terrible shape, having been beaten with a golf club and sprayed with bleach.

This crime, along with similar animal abuses, needs to be taken seriously. Unfortunately though, animal abuse laws are not always strong enough, and it's easy for people like Lacey's owner to get away their crimes.

That's why one Care2 member started a petition to demand justice for Lacey.

Below is a message from the petition's author:

With this petition on behalf of Lacey, we hope to give law enforcement, police and the District Attorney's office an idea of how the public feels about such acts of violence towards animals. We also hope to raise awareness of the link between these crimes and other types of violent crimes.

Please consider signing this petition.

If you would like to sign the petition or learn more, click here. »

Thanks for making a difference!


Take action link: http://www.care2.com/go/z/e/AgbSB/zKZP/AvzNh

New building at the shelter

Work is underway on a new 50x74 building at the shelter. We are very excited. Please call if you would like to help.

UPDATE 2/8/11: Check on the progress --> Click here.

See also this article.

Pet Friendly Housing

From: Katie Reardon
Date: Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 2:02 PM
Subject: Pet Friendly Housing


My name is Katie Reardon, and I created http://www.myapartmentmap.com/pet_friendly/  MyApartmentMap is a housing search web site, we have pet friendly listings all over the USA. 

I was wondering if you would add us to your list of resources on your website. I think it would help people from giving up their pet due to moving. 

I created this web site after searching for an apartment that would accept my Jack Russell Daisy, and my Beagle Jerry. As a pet owner I found it difficult to find pet friendly apartments, and wanted to help other pet owners find a home quick and easy. We also promote "Adoption." A lot of times when people are moving to a new home, they have a new furry friend in mind. They may even be searching for pet friendly apartments with the plan of getting a pet soon. We want to promote adopting instead of the local puppy store.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Katie Reardon
MyApartmentMap, LLC
PO Box 1102
Rye, NH 03870-1102
Phone: (603)-319-1712
Fax: (888) 246-1064

Jan 8 is $6 night at Legion

$6.00 night sponsored by Danville American Legion,
175 Northumberland Street
Danville, PA 17821-1508 (map)
(570) 275-3896

Doors open at 5:30pm
Meal served from 6:00-9:00pm - Music will follow.
Great time for all.

Call 784-3669 for more information.

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