2003 News

A lady from Shamokin was on her way to the local shelter with her shepard-mix dog. He would jump over her fence and run away, so he needed space to run. She got lost on the way and stopped at the home of our president's neighbor. Here she was told about ARC so she stopped by to visit Lin. We asked her to keep Roddy for a week so we could find a good home for this beautiful dog. Thanks to Cyndi Lindenmuth, Roddy was delivered to a home where he could run and have fun!
Animals, like people, need shelter from
the elements during winter
  1. It's best to keep your animals indoors, especially during the winter months. If they must be outside, be sure to keep water bowls ice-free or use a heater designed for water bowls. Shelters should be off the ground with a door to block wind, snow and rain. Insulate them if possible. NO pet should be kept outdoors in the case of severe weather.
  2. Check under the hood before starting your car. Outdoor cats or other animals may sleep under the hood to try to stay warm.
  3. Dogs can lose their scent in snow or ice and become lost. Don't let your dog off the leash during a snowstorm or when on snow or ice.
  4. Antifreeze is lethal to pets, even in small amounts! Be sure it's stored securely and out of reach of animals.
  5. Consider a coat or sweater with a high collar or turtleneck for short-haired breeds.
  6. Never leave your dog or cat alone in a car in cold weather - they could freeze to death!
  7. Increase food (protein) for pets engaged in frequent outdoor activites to keep their fur thick and healthy.
  8. Consider a dog or cat bed or basket with a blanket or pillow to keep your pet warm and away from drafts.
  9. Pets can get frostbite too! Their skin will appear red or gray and may slough off. Contact your vet and apply warm, moist towels to thaw out the areas. Be sure to remove any salt from your pet's paws before they lick their feet.
  10. Never transport a dog in the back of a pickup. It is especially dangerous in the slippery conditions, as winter ice and snow contribute to more accidents, and the wind makes the ride even colder! Always put your dog in the cab or leave him at home.