July 22-23 Adopt-A-Thon

The rains attacked us again on Saturday. On & off showers were the rule. Sunday, however, was a beautiful sunny day accompanied by a respite in humidity. Unfortunately, only 5 dogs and 3 cats were adopted out. Many more loving animals still need homes.

Here are some pictures.

These kittys are so sweet. They are just four of many available for adoption.

Hello. I'm Maxwell. My picture's on the home page! Now, everyone will see me! What's the big deal about that, you ask? You see, nobody adopted me, so I have to be all by myself again. That makes me sad because I really like to be around people. That's Dave trying to make me feel better. Thanks anyway, ARC, for showing me off. Maybe someone can give me a loving home.

My name is Thom. Paula is helping this nice lady fill out the adoption paperwork so I can go home with her. Here's a picture of her holding me (ah, it feels good to be held again). Thank you, ARC!
Love, Thom
P.S. Dave claims to be a dog person, but I saw him holding & petting a bunch of us cats today. That Dave! What a pussycat.

Hi. I'm Buddy. A nice lady helped me find a new home by taking me to the Animal Resource Center Adopt-A-Thon. This is me with the bandana she bought for me so I'd look spiffy for my new owner. I'm just waiting for her to pick me up now. Thanks, ARC, for getting me a new family!
Love, Buddy

I'm Snow White. I may be deaf, but I still like to get my belly rubbed! I was playing with this nice couple. I wish I had someone to rub my belly every day. Maybe you will!

Dustin takes time to give Emily a well deserved hug in our play-pen.

Alex and Mariah were having lazy days in the heat. Alex rested his chin in the water bowl while Mariah simply wanted to lay still in the grass.