URGENT!! Need foster home for a Coonhound

This is urgent. Our Dog Warden has been trying since Monday to catch a Coonhound. This poor thing is extremely thin and all of its ribs are showing. He comes within about 6-8 ft and that is it. They have put up a trap with deer bologna, which he appears to really like.

Here is the problem. We have absolutely no room right now. We are in the process of building two more buildings and have had to consolidate everywhere. We are out of space. If and when he is caught the dog warden will have to take him to the SPCA and they will put him down immediately, because of his condition.

We urgently need a foster place for him. If anyone can help, please contact Cyndi Lindenmuth at 570-356-2387 or clindenmuth@gmail.com. We would even be willing to provide an outside kennel.

Thank you all for caring so much.