There is work to be done...

Volunteers are needed to help in many aspects of getting the new shelter up and running. We need interior and exterior painters, mowers & weeders, grass planters & landscapers, and just about anything related to getting a new building and land finished.

If you have ANY handyman skills, please call 784-3669 to volunteer, or, just show up. Click here for a map. We will meet every Sunday at 10:00 a.m., rain or shine, until this gets done. We must finish before winter sets in!

Also, We need foster parents for the animals during the transition to our new shelter this fall. We need to line up STEADY regular reliable volunteers to mow the lawn, walk the dogs, clean the kennels, scoop the yard, feed the cats, etc., and to provide general TLC to the animals.

Please call 784-3669 to volunteer.