Thanks to all who donated online in January

Jan 23, 2010
Donation for the Parvo puppies
$100.00 from Danette K

Jan 21, 2010
For the parvo puppies - saw the article in the newspaper.
$150.00 from John W K

Jan 20, 2010
Parvo puppies!
$10.00 from Forever Home Beagle Rescue

Jan 20, 2010
Donation for the parvo pups coming from KY to PA. Thanks for saving them.
$50.00 from Lorraine S

Jan 19, 2010 $50.00 from Christine R

Jan 19, 2010
i'm donating because i heard about the parvo pups, but you can use the money for whatever you need!
$20.00 from Rachel C

Jan 19, 2010
this donation is for the parvo dogs. praying for their health!
$10.00 from Michelle P

Jan 19, 2010
for parvo pups
$25.00 from Lori W

Jan 19, 2010
Donation for the parvo pups! I really wish that I could donate more at this time, and if I don't lose my job next Monday, the 25th of January, I will be doing so....thank you. Donna Long
$50.00 from Donna L

Jan 15, 2010
I saw todays article in The Daily Item about the puppies that are sick, its not a lot but I hope this helps them!
$20.00 from Angela S

Jan 11, 2010 $20.00 from Kim F

Jan 10, 2010 $10.00 from Lindsay L

Jan 10, 2010 $25.00 from Linda H

Jan 10, 2010 $25.00 from Bernadette M