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June 30, 2010
TakeAChance.jpgWelcome to SAINTS, Where Senior and Special-Needs Dogs Have their Day
We recently visited SAINTS, or Senior Animals In Need Today, for a photo shoot. SAINTS is a hospice of sorts, a sanctuary for the discarded and disabled, run by Carol Hine on her three-acre property in Mission, BC.
Opening her doors to senior and special needs animals of all kinds, Hine's home is a veritable ark. Rescued mixed-breeds turned farm dogs cavort with second-chance llamas and cows, while cats and the smaller and more delicate dogs are found inside, draped over sofas and relaxing on beds--including Hine's own. All the animals in Hine's care are clearly cherished, even those blemished and crotchety from old age, and are shown the upmost love and attention, in some cases the first in a lifetime bereft of any kind word or gentle touch. It's clear these dogs have been given a little slice of heaven here on earth, somewhere to live out their last days with dignity, repect, and a surfeit of love. Though the name of the non-profit was chosen to refer to the animals in its care, we suspect that the real saint here is Hine herself. See the pictures from the photo shoot here.

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