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Help Convict Lacey's Abuser
Lacey deserves justice.
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Lacey, a seven pound mixed breed, was found tied up in her owner's backyard. She was in terrible shape, having been beaten with a golf club and sprayed with bleach.

This crime, along with similar animal abuses, needs to be taken seriously. Unfortunately though, animal abuse laws are not always strong enough, and it's easy for people like Lacey's owner to get away their crimes.

That's why one Care2 member started a petition to demand justice for Lacey.

Below is a message from the petition's author:

With this petition on behalf of Lacey, we hope to give law enforcement, police and the District Attorney's office an idea of how the public feels about such acts of violence towards animals. We also hope to raise awareness of the link between these crimes and other types of violent crimes.

Please consider signing this petition.

If you would like to sign the petition or learn more, click here. »

Thanks for making a difference!


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