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UPDATE 2/9/2011: New pole building.
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As you may know, a caring donor donated a tract of land to us some time ago for the purpose of building our own shelter. This will eliminate the need to lease land and will allow us to build to suit our needs. No longer will we have to compromise our mission to house the homeless, unwanted, and abused animals that come our way. Many people have asked what is being done in order to get our shelter up and running.

I am pleased to announce that construction of our new facility is underway. Jason B. has been instrumental in getting the ball rolling on this, and he has faced many hurdles to the initial construction. He has a plan, and has coordinated with contractors to ensure the timely completion of this major undertaking.
Here are some pictures of the progress over time. Click on the thumbnail image for the full resolution picture.

Fall-Winter 2008:

Spring 2009:

May 6, 2009. You will see my wife, Lori, my father, Bill, and my dog, Ali, inspect the property.

May - June 2009:

July 2009:

This is just the beginning. There is still a long way to go. Due to funding constraints (it is all dependent on donations), construction will be in stages. We will continue to hold fundraisers and take online donations.

July 11, 2009
Booted in landlord dispute, ARC needs to raise money for kennels at future shelter
By CHRIS KREPICH, Press Enterprise Writer

MOUNT PLEASANT TWP. — The Animal Resource Center (ARC) has to move due to a falling out with its landlord, but it needs money to build more kennels at its soon-to-be home. The group would eventually like to house 16 dogs and 40 cats, but that would require about $100,000, says volunteer Linda Bird.

ARC has been leasing land from Paula and Delbert Miller here, but the Millers ended the lease five or six years early, Bird said. Now, she says ARC has about four months to move under a judge's order.

ARC has 20 acres of its own near Eyers Grove, but it needs funding to build kennels for the animals it rescues, said volunteer Jason Barreca.

The ARC, formed seven years ago, has eight dogs in its care now on the Miller property.
It will move the existing kennel to the new land, but it will not have room for more animals until more kennels are built.

ARC plans to use modular kennels so it can expand as it has the money. Each modular unit will house eight dogs or cats, and will cost $20,000 to $25,000, Barreca said. He said the group is hoping to have enough funds soon to get the first new unit completed.

"We're building as fast as we can," he said. "As fast as money allows."

A place for strays

ARC holds several fundraisers each year. A large yard sale in the old Ames building at the Columbia Mall is set for Oct. 15-18.

Donations can also be made by calling 784-3669.
ARC is nonprofit and donations are tax deductible.

Bird said the group helps police by taking in loose animals, but it mostly takes care of stray cats and dogs. Those animals get medical care, and they are spayed or neutered if needed. Volunteers then work to find them good, permanent homes.

Chris Krepich covers the Danville area. He can be reached at 275-2104 or

September 2009:
These pictures include the painting both the cat and dog buildings, raking and planting grass, and construction of a laundry/utility room to connect the dog and cat buildings.

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