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If you'd like to know what's going on throughout the nation pertaining to animal protection, check out the ASPCA. Here is a sample of their newsletter.

February 13, 2009

Puppy Mill Raid in TN 1. Breaking News: ASPCA Raids TN Puppy Mill!
On Wednesday morning, the ASPCA led a team of veterinary, anti-cruelty and law enforcement professionals in the raid of a puppy mill in Sparta, TN. More than 285 small-breed dogs have been seized and are receiving urgent medical care.

Success Story 2. ASPCA Success Story of the Week: Touched By an Angel
A surprise meeting on a dreary afternoon led the Ryan family and one sweet, shaggy mixed breed into a love affair that just won’t quit!

Pet Care Tip 3. Winter Health Tip: Keep Your Pet Safe from Antifreeze
Tuning up the car? Take care that your pet doesn't lick any of this sweet-tasting poison from the driveway or floor of your garage.

ASPCA Ambassadors 4. Fundraise the Fun Way: Become an ASPCA Ambassador
Raising money for homeless pets has never been such a thrill! From benefit concerts to bikeathons (and great prizes for you!), this April is your month to go all out for animals—and the ASPCA will help you get started.

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