Mera Update

"We can't stress just how awesome Mera is! She continues to adjust well to our home, our schedule and fits in like she's been with us forever!
We no longer crate her, actually we even removed the crate from our home. She must have had a negative experience in the past related to a crate, so we decided it was best to remove it altogether. She must have connected with us deeply as she takes one shoe for each of us (one of Nathaniel's, one of Tom's, and one of mine) and puts it in her bed while we are gone and lays with them. We receive hundreds of kisses when we return home! She never damages anything and we usually find her relaxing by the door waiting for us to return home! She is sooooooooooooooo smart and lets us know that she needs to go out by bring us our shoes to put on! These are not things we taught her, but things she does on her own!
She is so playful, yet gentle with us. She has grown to trust us and lets us do anything to her! She especially loves when we rub her and grabs our arm for more! She continues to sleep in Nathaniel's room in her own bed on the floor. It is soooooooooooooo cute as she checks to be sure he is in his bed before she lays down to go to sleep! She will not go in her bed until she knows he is in his bed! She also nuzzles him in the morning to wake him up for school! He is just so thrilled with having her join our family! Tom and I both know we really got lucky when we found her!
Thank you for allowing her to join our family!