Puppy Facts Database

ASPCA Announces Launch of Puppy Facts Database

Puppy Facts

Perhaps you’ve wondered where your puppy really came from, or wish there was a way to check out a breeder’s record before purchasing a dog. Maybe you just want to learn more about a specific breeding kennel in your neighborhood. Well, now you can!

The ASPCA is pleased to announce the launch of their Puppy Facts Database. This innovative and user-friendly online tool allows you to search through the inspection reports of breeding facilities all over the country. And, if you live in New York, Illinois or Pennsylvania, particular state laws make it possible for you to research pet stores, too!

Listing violations from lack of medical care and unsanitary living conditions to inadequate record keeping, the database will help users make educated decisions about the right place to find a new animal companion. The ASPCA Puppy Facts database houses USDA and State Inspection Reports for breeders and pet stores. These reports will give you an idea of how many animals a breeder has, and if they have ever had violations recorded in their inspection reports.

Check out the Puppy Facts Database here.