Free Training Videos

Animal Planet, through their web site, has generously made available free how-to and training videos to everyone. Videos range from how to teach your dog to walk on a leash to doing tricks. Please click on the link on the left side of our home page, or go directly to

Don't have a high speed connection? No problem.
While supplies last, we will give a training video DVD to anyone who adopts an animal from us. Simply ask your adoption coordinator to provide your information to Dave, the webmaster, and we will see that you get a training video DVD. We do this to help reduce returns, or "pet relinquishments", due to behavior issues. My adopted dog, Ali, was quite the handful (and that's an understatement) when we got her, but Lori and I took the time and effort to train her, and she is now a wonderful member of our family.

Knowledge is power, and the training videos will give you that knowledge.