Kiki needs a new home

About Kiki:
She's 2 years old- born April 1, 2005 (she's an April fool's kitty) she has never had any health problems - though we do take her into the vet regularly for check ups and immunizations.. and she has been spayed. Everyone comments on her silky smooth coat.. she's a beautiful kitty.
After months of fighting between the cats in my home, I realize that while I absolutely love and adore Kiki, she just can't seem to get along with other cats. I've done everything recommended by vets, books, friends, shelters.. trying to get her to adapt to living with other cats but I just can't do this anymore. It feels wrong to allow her to continue to live in such a stressful environment. She is clearly unhappy and the once overly affectionate kitty I used to know is now hissing, fighting, and hiding. She deserves a good home. She is very healthy and when she is not around other cats.. she is the sweetest!

If anyone is interested, please contact Lyn Olszewski at