Bima’s Story

image 1 of BimaA young black cat was found by quietly meowing outside a country garage. On closer inspection, Bill and Martha noted that the limping cat had a severe injury to his left front leg. There were also many BBs found under the kitten’s black coat. Animal Resource Center volunteers were contacted and the cat was taken to see Dr. Smith at Leighow Veterinary. The leg injury was from an animal trap. An amputation had to be done to save his life. Funds remaining from the generous response to Trina’s appeal were available to cover this surgery.

image 2 of BimaBima (an Indonesian word for Brave) is a very friendly, sleek black cat who enjoys treats and belly rubs. He is currently recuperating in his foster home. He was very quiet during the first week following surgery but now has discovered that he can run up and down steps and play chase with 3 other cats in the home. He has also become acquainted with 2 large dogs. Bima, an inquisitive young cat, can teach us all a lesson in courage.