19 puppies defeat death - TWICE

In January, more than 50 puppies were awaiting their fate in an overcrowded Kentucky shelter. The Estill County, KYshelter in the Appalachian Mountains is often overcrowded because it is the only shelter within 5 counties! If not adopted or transferred to another shelter soon, all these pups were going to be euthanized! Members of the Animal Resource Center stepped in to assist. We located a local family willing to foster 5 puppies and a private shelter in NYwilling to take in 20 puppies. We took the puppies that were at the KYshelter the longest because they would be the first to be put down. This also bought more time for the remaining 25 puppies in KY.As scheduled, ARC members and volunteers would transport all 25 to Bloomsburg, then 20 of them would be transported to the NYshelter.

Once in transport, ARCvolunteers noticed the poor health of at least 2 of the 25 pups bound for Bloomsburg and NY.They contacted ARC board members and decided to meet at the Watsontown Emergency Veterinary Hospital. Dr Haas quickly assessed the condition of the worst pup. Unfortunately, she tested positive for Parvo, a potentially fatal virus that causes extreme damage to the intestinal tract. It seemed as though the puppies dismal fate was set in stone, litterally. ARCmembers refused to give up on them though. Parvo was treatable, but could be expensive. It just didn't seem right for puppies to die for lack of human responsibility to spay and neuter their pets or then due to lack of funds to treat them.

Due to generous donations given by PetCo Foundation, animal lovers locally and throughout the country and monetary donations and/ or time given by Bloomsburg Vet Hospital, Watsontown Emergency Vet Hospital, and especially Dr. Berg and associates at Animal Care Vet Hospital, ARC was able to change the fate of these puppies once again! 19 out of the 25 pups have survived and 17 of them have already been adopted to loving homes. Saving the lives of these precious pups could not have been possible without all of the support that we have received, and for that we bow our hats to our supporters! Thank you!

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