ARC's 10th Anniversary

Special thanks go to our founder Al Gregorowicz. Al knew there was a need for a no-kill shelter in our area. He put an ad in the press and the first meeting was held at the Espy Fire Hall in 2000.

A board was formed. Our meetings were at The YMCA Bloomsburg (where they are held now). When the weather was warmer we did meet at the Bloomsburg Town Park.

Then we had our dogs and cats in foster care. Of course, it was a struggle then as it is now to get funds to support our animals and vet bills. As time went on and animal lives were saved we boarded our dogs at a local boarding kennel.

As we talked to people about ARC, got more people involved, got our name out to the public, Cyndi Lindenmuth became our adoption coordinator. She is still doing a great job. Cyndi would go to the kennel to show dogs and process adoptions.

The years passed quickly and now ARC is well known for all the good we have done and do.

We did a large rescue in a Watsontown trailer with approximately 23 dogs, 20 some cats, a turtle, a few other small animals were rescued. The local vets responded to our needs since we didn't have our own kennel up and running.

Chuck and Rhonda Stitz saw our story in the local press. There were photos of starving dogs with scars on their faces from fighting for the little food they had in that trailer. The sad, sad eyes of the cats that just wanted love and food. This is all these poor animals wanted.

The Stitz family donated 20 acres to ARC for a new shelter. It took quite a while to get things going but now we will be moving all our animals into our new shelter before summer. We can never thank the Stitz family enough for the kindness they showed ARC.