Movin' In

It has been months of hard work, but our adoptable cats think their new pad was worth the wait! During the fall of 2008, site clearing and road widening of 20 acres of land generously donated by the Stitz family began. Since then, ARC has worked vigorously to raise funds and construct a kennel to house homeless and abused animals in need of warm shelter, medical attention, and love.

Currently, only the cats occupy the new facility, but the dogs will be moved in early this season. In order to be up to kennel code, the outside runs for the dogs must be complete. Unfortunately, completing this masonry task has been on hold due to poor weather conditions. Luckily, once the weather breaks, this task should only take a few days to complete! We are eager to move in the rest of our adoptable family ASAP!

This spring, our doggie play yard will be erected and construction of the screened-in, kitty sunroom will begin! This summer, stage 2 of our 3 stage plan will commence. This plan includes a duplicate of our recently completed facility and a large pole building to be placed in the center of the 2009/2010 facilities.

All of this construction (and the spared lives of those who temporarily call it home) would not have been possible without financial support from local businesses and generous donors! YOU have helped make our mission of saving thousands of canine and feline lives possible! Thank you!

To learn more about ARC's construction progress or how you can volunteer your time, construction, animal care, computer, baking or fundraising services, please visit our website, or call 784-3669.