Mera has a home!

Hi everyone! Cyndi and Mary took Mera to her new home today! She did awesome! She went right to the front door like she knew it was her home. Mary says, "The people (from Palmerton, PA - going towards Allentown) are fantastic. I would give them any dog! I'm sure she'll do great!"
Wish her luck! The adoptive family wrote an email saying, "You cannot imagine how excited Nathaniel is! Mera has been wonderful all day, she found a spot on the carpet about ten minutes after you and Cyndi left and snuggled down with her legs sprawled out! She is very playful, yet very gentle with us when she grabs our hand to keep rubbing her. We took her for a walk and she went to the bathroom outside! We also left her in her crate for about an hour while we took Nathaniel for baseball sign-ups. When we returned her tail was wagging and we didn't hear a single growl! When we let her out of her crate, we got lots of kisses! One thing that was unusual that happened was when Tom was starting a fire in the wood burner. He uses a newspaper to start the fire, so he went into the closet where we keep a box full of old newspapers. When he walked over to the woodstove holding the newspaper and Mera saw him, she started to growl at the newspaper. She must have had a bad past experience connected to newspapers. She listens very well and she has really been very calm! I believe we found a gem! Thank you! I'll keep you updated on Mera as she adjusts here in her new home! Jamie"