Why support ARC?

"Why do you support the Animal Resource Center of Bloomsburg PA?"

Anonymous - "To help feed and house homeless animals"

Anonymous - "they are enabling helpless pets find forever homes through community education and they promote spaying/neutering"

Dawn Kessler - "Haven to Home"

Anonymous - "An exceptional shelter that needs help"

Anonymous - "We have adopted from this agency and they are wonderful!They provide a wonderful service! They are the voice for so many neglected animals!"

Anonymous - "They are dedicated volunteers who have the animals best intrest at heart."

Jessica Hand - "My family has adopted pets from the shelter numerous times and all have left pawprints on our hearts. This shelter knows what it takes to care for those who can not speak out on their own."

Rose Bogart - "I feel that animals in our country are left behind. I volunteer 3 nights a week to help walk and clean up after the dogs. I have been doing this for 4 year and I will continue to help. We are trying to make a difference in these dear little lives. These are the dogs and cat that people have dumped. Shame on them. I guess humans don't realize that animals are God's creatures also and in the end we will all answer for the things we have done to them"

ruth hosterman - "Animals are just as important as humans and deserve to live"

Ali Ali - "I was adopted by Dave & Lori. If it weren't for ARC, I'd have no home!"

Anonymous - "great local group"

Anonymous - "Because through my niece who has volunteered there, I know they do good work."

Donna Gillaspy - "They are very dedicated to housing and caring for their animals. I have adopted a dog and am fostering a kitten and helping find a home for her"

Anonymous - "They save lives. They are dedicated, caring, hard working individuals."

valerie mcannaney - "Because they help the helpless ones!"

olive small - "because they do a lot of good care for the animals"

Anonymous - "I love Dogs!!!"

Clint Grommett - "Because it's close to where I live, and animal rights awareness needs to be increased in the area."

brittany keyser - "SAVE THE ANIMALS!"

Anonymous - "Why not?!"

Anonymous - "I know how much the people there care about the animals there!"

Jo Wright - "The work they do for animals is important!!!"


Cheryl Wolfe - "They are the special friends and voices of the animals."

dianne leonard - "It's all about the animals and the people who help them find forever homes."

Michelle Conner - "They have done a wonderful job finding families for so many dogs and cats in our area. Great people!"

John and Kathy Butler - "They helped up adopt a great dog and screened us carefully so he would be certain to get a great home"

Ross Serino - "My Friend on Doggyspace asked for support"

Dana Terry - "Animal Resource Center"

Bev Howell - "Special people meeting special needs."

Patrick Carr - "They save loving animals from abuse and match them with good permanent homes."

Dave Hilsdorf - "I maintain the web site and want to save the animals."

Joleen Abicht - "Great people with a lot of heart!"

Foley 'n' Pocket - "For my doggy space friend"

Mary Farver - "I have adopted four of my best friends from them! I am grateful they were there to rescue them!"

Valerie Cintron - "Polly Wong asked me too"

Valerie Zerbe - "I'm told they are a great shelter"

Marisela Gress - "I saw on doggyspace"

Anonymous - "I saw it on doggy space"

LaVera Young - "They do a great service."

Valarie Dietterick - "Because I have delt with them and think they do great work. "

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