Trina’s Story

It was a cold early morning after an extremely cold night. A small brown box was found on the doorstep. Kristie looked inside and found a tiny kitten with her young mother. The mother cat seemed to be doing well but the kitten, who she named Trina, had red, inflamed eyes. The veterinarian diagnosed Trina with a severe eye infection. It had already caused blindness. Both eyes had to be removed to control the kitten’s pain and infection. With community donations by animal loving people and the contribution of services of the Animal Care Center’s Dr. Berg and Campbell, Trina was able to have her surgery. Sweet Trina did well after the surgery.

She is currently recuperating well with her mother in Kristie’s home. She is learning to find her way around a familiar environment and enjoys being held and cuddled. More information on caring for cats with handicaps can be found at